Sunday, October 07, 2018

A Half of a Third

It's been a very busy weekend here chez Knit/Wit (not that it isn't almost always), but I have made the time to do some spinning in addition to the knitting. I've been aided by the fact that Rainbow spent Friday evening at my parents' and got picked up by my in-laws earlier this afternoon, so I've been able to have some time to myself. Granted, a lot of that time to myself has come after running errands, doing enough loads of laundry that I've lost count, and cleaning three bathrooms, but it was enough. I managed to finish the first bobbin of singles for my combo spin earlier today.

To refresh your memory, this spinning project started as three braids of fiber from Gale's Art. I split each braid in half so that I can spin up two skeins of three-ply yarn with one ply of each of the three colorways. If you need a visual, here you go:

Although I have enough bobbins to spin up all the singles before I start plying, I am spinning up half of each colorway to start and will probably ply the first three bobbins so that I don't get confused about which bobbin is which. (Of course I do realize that I could label them in some way, but won't it be more fun to ply up the first skein and get a preview of the finished project?)

I decided to get started on the second bobbin immediately after finishing the first to keep the momentum going.

Of all the colors, I'm most worried about this bright yellow causing an issue, though I'm sure it'll be toned down by the two other plies in the yarn. It is a very happy yellow, that's for sure. I'm just hoping that it plays nicely with the other colors that all seem to be in the green/blue/purple family.

I doubt I'll get the second bobbin finished in the next week, as I have two evening meetings this week, but I'm hopeful I can at least keep on a steady pace on this project, particularly as more fiber has come into the stash that I'd like to get to -- like, for instance, the small pillow of fiber that arrived from Australia this week. First, there was my September shipment for the Southern Cross Fibre club:

This is Star Falls on Corriedale, which I'm planning to turn into some self-striping sock yarn. The surprise was that there were two bags of prize fiber in the package as well:

On the left is another dose of August's club offering, Yesterday's Love on Merino. On the right is two bundles of Eider wool in some semisolid shades. Because I have two bags of the Merino, I'm thinking I might try to spin both up identically and knit something matchy-matchy for me and Rainbow (cowls, perhaps?). I have no idea what to do with the Eider, but I'll happily let it marinate in the stash until I come up with a plan.

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