Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Proof Positive

I said that if I could focus on one project, I'd make progress, so that's just what I did. I put aside the shawl for the time being and focused exclusively on Rainbow's Hyphen during my knitting time over the weekend. As of Sunday night, I had a finished body:

Lest you think I spent the whole weekend knitting, let me tell you that I hardly sat down for most of the day on Saturday and only got about an hour and a half to knit on Saturday night. I did get a bit more time on Sunday, but not as much as I was expecting. Rainbow tried the sweater on and it hits pretty much exactly where she wanted it to, so I'm very happy. I will start on the first sleeve tonight; with any luck, the sleeves will fly off the needles.

Meanwhile, somehow I also find myself with a finished sock:

I got most of the ribbing done during lunch yesterday and did the last couple of rounds and the bind off before I had to go to a board meeting last night. In spite of my worry that I was going to be playing yarn chicken because my yardage on the skein was on the low side, I managed to knit a sock leg that's half an inch longer than my typical socks and still had yarn leftover -- and not an insignificant amount! So it looks like after I finish the second sock, I'll need to whip up something with the leftovers to qualify for the Down Cellar Studio Slay the Stash contest (I've basically got to use up nearly all of the skein for it to count). Given how quickly this first sock knit up, I'm confident that the second one will be done by the time I leave for Rhinebeck next week. So I may not have had time to knit a Rhinebeck sweater, but at least I'll have new Rhinebeck socks!

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  1. I love those socks! And, Rainbow's sweater is looking wonderful - I am sure you will have those sleeves done in no time at all!