Thursday, October 04, 2018

A Need for Focus

Not much has changed in my knitting the past two days. I've continued to work on the three current WIPs, alternating between Rainbow's sweater and the shawl in the evening and working on my handspun sock during my lunchtime knitting during the day, and they've all progressed a bit past where you saw them last. I think, though, that if I want to get one of the bigger projects done, I'm going to need to put one of them down and focus on the other until it's completed. All signs point to that project being Rainbow's sweater.

The pattern says to work the body until it measures 11.5 inches below the underarm; I'm currently at 4 inches. The nice thing about working with worsted weight yarn is that it does knit up pretty quickly, but I'm also alternating skeins because the yarn is hand dyed, so that means extra time spent untangling. At least the knitting itself is very straightforward and mindless, so really, if I can just focus on this one project, it shouldn't take me ages to finish.

The weekend ahead looks promising for knitting time. On Saturday morning, the Mister and I are running another 5K (this one in our neighborhood, so we just have to walk up to the start line), and then all three of us are headed to get our flu shots. I expect that after that we'll all be sore and tired, so I'm planning for an afternoon of resting and knitting. Here's hoping I have more to show you next week!

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  1. I find I have to be monogamous if I want to make knitting progress (and even then progress is not guaranteed). You deserve an afternoon of rest and knitting after a 5K and flu shots!