Sunday, March 22, 2020

Making Yarn Two Ways

Spinning continues, and I'm now probably a bit more than halfway done with my singles because I am on the third of four balls of fiber:

I spun quite a bit yesterday while watching video podcasts and during a virtual knitting group that Mary hosted this afternoon. If the pace continues, I expect to be plying by next weekend.

Meanwhile, I made yarn a slightly different way this morning. After doing a lot of snipping and unweaving of ends last night, this morning I was able to unravel my sweater.

I wasn't able to salvage all the yarn and in fact lost quite a bit due to some haphazard snipping last night, but I did end up with a decent pile of yarn ramen:

All this yarn has now been washed and is hanging to dry, and once it's dry I'll wind it into cakes and weigh it to see how much I have to work with. Seeing as we may end up being home for a while, I figure I can at least use some of that time to make some charity items, and this pile is all destined to become felted mittens (though I'm planning to keep one pair for myself).

This weekend seemed a little less surreal than last, though I still only left my house to take a long walk each day -- thankfully the sun was out both days though it's been a little chilly. Rainbow and I had our Hebrew class via Zoom this morning and then she had Sunday School, and the Mister went out to brave the supermarket. We're well stocked with food and have a lot of flour, butter, and eggs (but they were out of yeast; I thought I might try making challah for this coming Friday night), so it appears that I might have to try my hand at making pastry. Somehow I don't think that's entirely a bad thing! I'm really trying to focus on the good things, even if they seem inconsequential, like how neatly I managed to fold the sheets this morning and how lovely the sunshine feels on my face. Then I saw this hanging from a tree in front of one of the houses in our neighborhood on my walk this afternoon and nearly lost it:

Be kind to each other, friends. I think it's the only way we're all going to get through this.


  1. Yay for that reclaimed yarn! And, what a great message!

    It was so awesome to see you and Rainbow today! :)

  2. Love this up beat post. We have been walking here daily as well, and it really helps to get for a while.
    Wonderful seeing you and Rainbow on the knit meet up Sunday afternoon!
    happy spinning to you!

  3. Your spinning is beautiful as always! I love your focus on the good things, and this is a good reminder for me. It's raining here today, but I'm going to go find five good things now. Thanks, Sarah!

  4. Beautiful yarn! It was fun to see the faces behind the blogs yesterday. I hope we can do that again.

  5. Beautiful yarn! (Both!) I could make a day of just ripping things that don't get worn or live as wips. Nice to see you again yesterday. :-)

  6. That is a great sign in more than one way! I'm glad that most people stick to the rules and I'm also glad that you are able to go out once in a while.

    The yarn is absolutely beautiful! Also, I'm so sorry that you couldn't safe the whole sweater, but at least you got some of it!

    I hope you get flour again soon ... I might try tomorrow ...

  7. What a great sign to find in your yard. I do think being kind and generous with each other is going to help. As usual your spinning looks wonderful. I have recycled yarn from projects and it is a labor of love.