Monday, April 03, 2006

Fancy Feet, and a continuation of Fun with Kool Aid

(If you even think those hairy legs are mine -- well, just don't.)

Pattern: Gentleman's Plain Winter Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks (Nancy Bush)
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential (75% superwash wool, 25% nylon) in Ash, less than 100 grams/2 balls
Needles: Addi Turbo US 1 circs (leg and foot) and US 1 dpns (heel, gussets, and toe)
Mods: I followed this pattern exactly, except for the toe, which calls for a decrease to a total of 14 stitches and then pulling the yarn through the remaining stitches to create a rounded toe. Instead, I decreased to these final 14 stitches and then kitchenered them together. The result is a perfect fit (or so J says -- these are his feet!)

Here's a detail shot of the heel and its ingenious construction.

I really enjoyed this pattern, and the "boring" stockinette portions went pretty quickly on two circs. I liked this pattern so much that I've started a pair for myself (I think I'll call them "Lady's Plain Winter Socks") in Knit Picks Simple Stripes in the Storm colorway. I have to say, it's a much more entertaining yarn than the gray I used for J, and I love watching the stripes change.

For those of you who may be working on this pattern or may want to, I do want to bring to your attention one minor mistake in the pattern. It's pretty easy to spot, and if you've done socks before, you'll probably correct it without realizing it, but I can remember from my early sock knitting days that sometimes you really need everything spelled out for you. So here it is. In the heel flap section, you will see this line:
"Rows 26, 28, and 30: Purl to center st, k1, purl to end."
Can you spot the mistake? That's right, it should read: "Sl1, purl to center st, k1, purl to end."

Last night I spent about two hours detangling my skein of Kool Aid dyed yarn (why didn't anyone warn me about that?!) and getting it onto my swift so I could wind it into a yarn cake. Here's what it looked like after the second dyeing session:

... and here is Kool Aid Yarn Cake. Yummy.

I'm calling this colorway Caribbean Amphibian, or, alternatively, Robin. (I will be very impressed by anyone who gets that reference!) I'm contemplating taking this on our road trip to DC this weekend for my car knitting. I'll have to see just how attached (addicted?) I am to my socks at that point, and I'll have to keep in mind how much room I'll need to allow for stash enhancements from this trip.


  1. The socks are just gorgeous! You've done a very fine knitting job, indeed. And thanks for pointing out the pattern error - I probably would not have caught that and I may knit this pattern at some point.

    Also, your Kool Aid yarn has turned out to be lovely, even if I don't get the name reference.

    Have fun in DC and don't forget to buy yarn. It would be an irresponsible waste of natural resources to go all that way and come back with no yarn. Right? Right.

  2. Awesome socks on J!! I am very impressed. I love the Kool-Aid yarn, too...LOVELY! I have to tell you, my KoolAid yarns both lost dye the first time around in the washer...I hope yours don't, and that they stay bright bright bright!!

  3. LOVE the koolaid yarn! I have to try that one of these days. Thanks for teaching me to hyperlink!! I did it! Yay!