Thursday, August 10, 2006

Play Ball!

We finally received our Stitch 'n Pitch tickets on Tuesday, which is a lucky thing for the Pirates, let me tell you. Little do they know that I was planning on calling them up first thing yesterday morning to harass them until they told me where my tickets were and what was taking them so gosh-darn long to cash my check!

(The funny thing is, yesterday afternoon I checked the mail and found an envelope from the Buccos. I couldn't imagine what else they were sending me. Would you believe they're doing a wedding expo along with a game later this month? Oy.)

Is anyone else planning on going to the game on Sunday for the Stitch 'n Pitch festivities? I will be pulling out my Lorna's Laces Bee Stripe (purchased on the trip to D.C. in April) to get started on my black and gold socks, the goal being to have them done in time for football season.

I am so close to being done with Adamas that it's killing me. I have five more rows to knit -- five more, people! I am going to try to get them done tonight. Blocking party this weekend!

Sorry no pictures. Not much to show you right now anyway. I promise something better over the weekend.


  1. Nope, we're going to be out of town this weekend, Tom wants to go play golf at his favorite golf course, which happens to be 2 miles from my parents house. Hope you guys have fun, though!

    We ordered tickets for a game through Duquesne Light last month, and I swear, the Pirates actually cashed our check AFTER the game. We had our tickets in plenty of time, but the check thing was weird.

  2. Five rows? So close!

    Have fun at Stitch & Pitch.

  3. oh, i wish they had stitch n pitch up here! have fun.