Thursday, September 20, 2007

I tried to come up with a clever title for this post ...

but I couldn't. Will you settle for some knitting content instead?

Last night I decided on my Central Park Hoodie for my Hurricane Knitters knit night project. I felt like I'd been neglecting it; I hadn't touched it in a week, not since I cast on for the Seamless Hybrid. After knitting Cascade 220 on US 5s, I realized how much faster the knitting grows when you knit Cascade 220 on US 8s. Here's the back, approximately 3/4 complete:

I just love this yarn. It's a heathered shade, so there are subtle color changes that in no way approach pooling:

Knit night was a blast. I think Roaming Tigger (or, as we're now calling him, Taliban Tigger) had the best time. We had a big crowd -- so big that we added a table not once but twice to our original grouping. So big that those of us at one end didn't really get to talk to the people at the other end because they were too far away. We're all hoping the newcomers join us again.

I am anxious to finish the back to the CPH, but first Kenny tagged me for a meme. It's the Eight Random Things About Me meme (stop me if you've heard this one):
  1. For a period of about six years (middle and high school), I refused to wear pink. My mother was shocked when I came home for Thanksgiving my freshman year of college with a pink sweater.
  2. For many years, when I was sick or couldn't sleep, I'd watch Little Women -- on VHS.
  3. I have a birthmark on the inside of my right calf. It's a little red rectangle.
  4. I minored in art history and classics in college; my last class for the classics minor was an introductory course in ancient Greek.
  5. I've had two articles published in scholarly journals.
  6. I'm still bitter than I never had a sister.
  7. I love Indian food, but The Mister won't go near it.
  8. The one book I can read over and over again? Pride and Prejudice.

Technically I'm supposed to tag eight people for this meme, but I'm going to buck the trend. Instead, why not leave me a comment with a random fact about you?


  1. Random fact: My stepmother is from India (I am Irish/Dutch and love Indian food) and my Aunt is from Puerto Rico - love her cooking too!!!

  2. CPH looks good. I'm with you on the Cascade and #8's. I've just started the left front.

    random fact- i was a telephone operator during the summers between college

  3. Random fact: I am extremely allergic to cantaloupe and bleu cheese.

  4. My brain holds more random useless knowledge than one human needs. Two examples for my random fact: 1. I can quote Bull Durham from start to finish (it's my all-time favorite movie) and I'm not too shabby on The Princess Bride too. 2. I can ID an episode of MASH in 30 seconds or less. Just try me!

    Tigger may have to go into hiding until people no longer think he's Taliban. He's getting scared! ;-)

  5. Your CPH looks wonderful. I love the variations in the yarn.

    random fact: I was a piano major in college, but rarely play the piano anymore.

  6. Random fact: I have a freckle grouping on one of my arms (forget which one) that looks EXACTLY like the big dipper.

    I used to sell handmade blank journals in an art shop called Mindscape near Northwestern U in Chicago. I also used to sell homemade biscotti to the Quiet Storm in Friendship.

    I work with 30 people, but only 3 of them (myself included) love Indian food. It's actually the pickiest group of eaters I have EVER encountered.

    Oh Yes, MASH is the greatest show of all time!

    I saw Amadeus 6 times, and almost went to Oberlin for piano.

  7. Anonymous8:24 AM

    We did have a big group, didn't we? And although Jenn blames herself for the rowdiness, I think it was really me. And all started with her Antichrist hat!

    Random fact: My favorite author is Jennifer Weiner.

  8. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Thanks for playing. And wow, I love that Cascade 220 heathering that's going on. Not so say perfectly beautiful cables!!!!!

  9. I always wanted a sister as well...but no, two pesky brothers!

    Cascade 220 is hands down the most all purpose yarn ever, I have lusted after that very shade you're using on more than one occasion!!

  10. Randomness about ME? I majored in Classical History and one of my favorite classes in college was Art History!

    Your CPH is looking great. I am going to try to finish mine this next week but I'm leaving on Friday for a 10-day cruise. I really wanted to take my CPH along...sigh...too many sock obligations these days!

  11. Your CPH is looking good!

    I once ate mashed potatoes with ice cream to gross out my little brother's friends.