Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Thanks for all your compliments on the Canada socks. I'm quite pleased with my first "real" stranded colorwork, and I've certainly been bitten by that bug. I'm not sure the Soft Sea Wool was the best yarn to use; it has a rather bumpy texture, and I think because of that the colorwork portions aren't as smooth or distinct as they could be. But the socks are incredibly squishy and comfortable, and I know come winter I'll be glad to have them.

Knitting continues apace on the two sweaters. The Seamless Hybrid isn't moving very quickly; to be honest, I haven't given it much attention the past few days. The CPH is coming along faster (as you would expect for something at a larger gauge). The back was complete last Thursday night, and now I'm about halfway through the left front. Seeing as we're still experiencing highs in the 80s, I'm in no hurry to finish a hoodie at the moment.

While I'm far from completing either of the two sweaters on the needles, I'm already thinking of what's next -- the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. I bought the yarn for it back in July, and last night I swatched on US 5 needles. I bought the yarn primarily because it was so incredibly soft (although it's being on sale didn't hurt!) and I suspected it would work well with the cables. I was very pleased at the remarkable stitch definition that resulted, even after blocking:

Unfortunately, my gauge is way off. I'm getting about five stitches to the inch, and I need to be getting six. So tonight I'm knitting another swatch (going down a size) and hoping for the best. I'll be okay if I'm off by a stitch or two, as I'm between the sizes given in the pattern and can use it to my advantage, but being this far off makes my head hurt to even begin to think of the math involved!


  1. That swatch looks fantastic, your cables are going to look great. I know about math, knitting and headaches, I try to avoid the first two because they result in the last! Good luck with your gauge, I'm sure the smaller needle size will help

  2. Looks pretty cool. Me? I'm still in Sock City, working on the Bartholomew from New Pathways.

    Need to be organized next week. I'm only allowed to go to Hurricane Knitters if I'm packed for my brother-in-law's wedding. Our flight leaves at 7:30!

  3. Nice to see you're gong to join me in the Tangled Yoke cardi. Actually, I'm almost finished with the short-rows at the neckline. I even dared to try it on & this one may just fit! YEAH!

    Good luck with your new gauge swatch.

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    oh, you're using the sublime! So cool. It's gonna be gorgeous!

  5. Would you believe I've knit like, an inch this week? And not an inch on Tom's sweater, oh no, an inch on mine. Which is like, 45 stitches across because I'm knitting a front. I am lame.

  6. The tangled cables will look great in the Sublime yarn!

    I have gauge issues all the time! The Minimalist cardi I'm working on is supposed to be knit on US 7 needles -- I swatched a few times and am now using US 4's but I'm still knitting too loosely, so I cast on fewer stitches.... sometimes I think I'm a knitting freak!

  7. Can't wait to see the TYC, I have been loving seeing these all around blogland.