Thursday, April 17, 2008


Some pretty surprises from the Loopy Ewe were awaiting me today:

Sakina Needles superwash merino roving, 4 oz., colorway Tabula Rosa

Sakina Needles BFL roving, 4 oz., colorway Watermelon

Dyeing Arts Dazzling Duos superwash merino roving, 4 oz., colorway March Hare

Dyeing Arts Dazzling Duos superwash merino roving, 4 oz., colorway Little Umbrellas

These colorways are so pretty, I can even forgive an errant apostrophe!


  1. Ooh! March Hare is my favorite :) So I'm guess you're very happy that Sheri started to spin, huh? I'm hoping to get my package tomorrow. Now for the real question ... did you get the Priority Mail package out of the mailbox before The Mister got home? :-D

  2. I was going to ask that, too, did you have some explaining to do?

  3. No, it all worked out. His flight was delayed, so he didn't get home until almost 7. Now I just have to hope he doesn't check this blog post! ;-)

  4. Yummy! I haven't even learned to spin yet, but The Dying Arts fiber is so gorgeous I put one on my wish list. LOL! Lucky you! I love that last one!

  5. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Yum Yum Yummy!

  6. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Lovely rovings - of the kind that "bet you can't spin just one....."

  7. Beautiful stuff! You will have such a great time spinning these up : )

  8. Oh, the errant apostrophe...glad you love the fiber! And guess what? I finally made it to Natural Stitches, it was amazing!!

  9. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Hang on, I've got to wipe some drool from my lip.