Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Little Bits

My knitting time has taken a back seat to household chores in the past couple of days, so there hasn't been very much progress. After my spinning adventures over the weekend, I did pull out my February Lady Sweater on Sunday evening and did manage to finish the body.

It does fit, but I didn't think you wanted to see a shot of me wearing it over my pajamas. Let's save the modeling shots for when it's all done, shall we?

Although Clue 3 of the mystery shawl was released on Saturday, I didn't get around to printing the clue and pulling out my shawl until last night. Good thing, too, because it turns out that there were a couple of errors discovered by the designer in the interim.

As you can see, I've made it on to my one "big" needle. This clue is noticeably larger than the two previous ones; I think I'm about on row 4 of 50, and when I'm done with this clue, there will be 500+ stitches on my needle.

I'm a bit worried that the variegated colorway of the yarn I'm using (Knit Picks Gossamer -- now discontinued, I think --in Caribbean) might be obscuring the lace, but I will withhold final judgment until it's done and blocked. The thing that I really like about this particular KAL is that the pattern is a sort of "choose your own adventure" shawl. Each clue has four charts to choose from, so you could theoretically knit more than a thousand shawls from the one pattern and have no two alike.

This shawl requires a fair amount of concentration, so if you come to the meeting of the Hurricane Knitters tomorrow night (7 p.m., Waterworks Barnes & Noble), you'll see me getting my sleeve on instead!


  1. Hi delurking to tell you that you are the one who got me into the mystery shawl. =) loving it btw.

    I am also using the same yarn just different colorway - blue jeans I do believe, and well I can not really see the clue 1 pattern but clue 2 does show up. I am thinking we will be fine =) (fingers crossed)


    your sweater is looking great btw

  2. Have fun without me tomorrow night. See you in two weeks! :)

  3. I'm intrigued by the idea of no two shawls being alike, but not intrigued enough to have 500 stitches on a needle at one time.

  4. What a cool way to do a mystery KAL! I love the choose your own adventure angle!

  5. Anonymous5:57 PM

    I'm sensing a color trend here with your sweater and shawl. Can't wait to see finished modeled photos of your sweater.