Thursday, August 21, 2008

Don't Get All Excited

I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of knitting to show you. After finishing up all that lace, I'm back to only one pair of socks and a secret project I can't show you because its recipient might stop by the blog from time to time. We are leaving super early in the morning (6 a.m.!) for Michigan for our third-annual family reunion, however, so that means lots of car knitting time and, I hope, finished objects to show you upon our return.

I hate to leave you without a little something pretty to look at, so why don't you take a gander at the most recent additions to my fiber stash?

Two BMFA Sheep to Shoe kits, in -- I believe; they're not marked -- Fire on the Mountain on the left and Jailhouse Rock on the Right. (Apologies for the reflection of the plastic bags in the picture; I didn't want to risk taking the fiber out of the bags and then being unable to get it back in.) I bought these with my sock club 10% off coupon right after I heard that the prices were going to be going up, only to discover that the price of the kit seems to not have been affect. Oh well.

This arrived today from Kristin at All Spun Up. I'd seen this about a week ago and drooled over it, but clicked away in my Must. Not. Buy. More. Fiber. moment of strength. Then, of course, I couldn't stop thinking about it, so when I looked again on Monday and saw it was still there, I was entering my credit card number before I knew it. It's a 70% superwash merino/30% alpaca blend, and it's actually a lot darker in person than it appears in the picture. I think it would make a lovely laceweight.

I'll do my best to make my next post an FO post, and perhaps if I play my cards right I'll have Michigan fiber acquisitions to show you as well! Have a great weekend!


  1. Oooohhh...that grey roving is beautiful! Have fun in MI!

  2. I've been wanting to try those sheep to shoe kits, yours are lovely! And Kristin from ASU is my absolute fave dyer!!! She creates such incredible masterpieces, yours included!

  3. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Pretty! And have fun.

  4. There's something to be said for taking the weekend to think about it before pulling the trigger. If you were thinking about it for that long, then buying it isn't all bad.

    I still have my 10% coupon. Haven't gotten organized enough yet and still don't have a lightweight sock knit to know what i prefer. Urgh.

  5. that merino/alpaca is fabulous! just my colors too! ::drool:: oooh-i'd use it for socks! it gets cold in pittsburgh! i spun up 4 oz of a merino/alpaca blend for socks, and the yarn fluffed up after washing. so i try to spin thinner than what i want. good luck on the lace! love to see pics.....