Monday, August 25, 2008

How I Spent My Summer Vacation*

I got up at 5:30 a.m. on Friday to spend the vast majority of the day in the car, knitting almost the whole way (so I guess it wasn't that bad).

I finished a pair of socks.

Pattern: Gumdrop Socks by JC Briar
Yarn: BFMA Socks That Rock lightweight (100% superwash merino), colorway Goody Goody, one skein
Needles: two 12" US 1 (2.5 mm) Addi Turbo circs
Started/Completed: August 16/August 22
Mods: none

I spent time with my favorite cousin, who gets cuter by the day.

I finished the first part of my secret project and started on the second part (sorry, no pictures of that!).

I saw a license plate on the Ohio Turnpike that made me think of Amy.

I missed my wheel. (We're now getting reacquainted.)

*If you can call it that; does one day off spent in the car count? At least we have a holiday weekend coming up.


  1. Lovely job on the socks! And what a cutie your cousin is!

    Dude, if I got up at 5:30am, I'd spend most of the time sleeping.

  2. Yep. I like that license plate! I'm hoping to get a little mental rest once I get back from Mississippi.

    Those socks are next on my list. Clapotis first. Then sock. I think. :) The queue is flexible!

  3. Gosh, I wish I could get someone else to drive so I don't feel the urge to steer with my knee so I can get knitting time in during my commute to work....

  4. Anonymous3:39 PM

    What a cutie your cousin is!

    Love the socks.