Sunday, February 08, 2009

Cape Cod, in Fiber

It's Sunday (somehow the rest of the week since my last post got away from me), so that means some pretty shots of handspun are in order. The latest yarn started life as this fiber, four ounces of superwash merino from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, purchased from the Loopy Ewe. The colorway is Cape Cod -- a very appropriate name, in my opinon.

I turned it into approximately 325 yards of two-ply, approximately sport weight, I'd say. The yardage is a little less than I was hoping for, but the appearance of the yarn is exactly what I wanted: great blending of colors and a nice tight twist.

I think this will make some really squishy socks, don't you?

The Mister's sweater is done and is getting a good blocking tonight. Modeled shots to come!


  1. i just adore that yarn! i cannot wait to see them knit up into squishy socks. :)

  2. Love that blue/brown combo. Nicely done!

  3. Oh, that yarn is gorgeous -- great colours and nice, tight twist!!

  4. It looks quite lovely, nice job.

  5. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Yes, the yarn does look like it will make a nice pair of squishy socks. You ARE having fun! So, did you spin it to a fingering weight or a sport weight?

  6. Your spinning is just amazing. It makes me want to learn every time I see it. Absolutely gorgeous yarn, seriously!