Sunday, April 29, 2012

Deep Stash Spin

After I dug out some very old fiber from my stash for my corespun yarn, I figured I'd might as well finish spinning up the rest. I haven't devoted very much time to it in the past week because I've been so focused on finishing my sweater, but I'm slowly but surely adding to what's on the bobbin.

This is colonial wool, meaning it's likely a mix of a number of domestic wool breeds. From far away, it looks like a dark green, but you can see from this detail shot that it's a mix of dark green, red, blue, and yellow. The plan is to spin all the fiber that's left into a fine single and then chain ply. It should come out approximately fingering weight, but because I don't know how much fiber I started with, I have no idea what kind of yardage I'll end up with. I imagine it'll be enough for a pair of socks or a small shawl at the very least.

In the meantime, just as I'm trying to reduce my stash, some new fiber has arrived. My May shipment from the Crown Mountain Farms fiber club came in yesterday's mail. This is Jacob top in a colorway called Season of the Witch (yes, I have had the song stuck in my head since I opened the package):

I'm excited to spin this because I've never spun Jacob before. It's on the scratchier side (I would not make this into something to wear next to my neck!), but it has a good body to it and should make a fairly bouncy yarn, I think.

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  1. As I didn't the CMF club this year I'm looking forward to living vicariously through you. Love all the purpley bits in the Jacob!