Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Minor Adjustment

The opinions in the comments of my last post on my Stripe Study Shawl seemed to be pretty unanimous, so I plowed ahead and started a 14th stripe. Unfortunately, because the rows were getting so long, my yarn supply did not hold out. I was hoping to just eke out that last stripe, but I got to the point where I had five rows left to finish the stripe and only a small ball of the yarn (smaller than a golf ball) remaining. I decided to just knit to the end from where I was when I realized this rather than risk running out somewhere in the middle, so I have a last stripe that's a bit thin on one end. I'm hoping it's not too obvious.

So now I've started the border, which I may or may not make wider than the pattern specifies. I have plenty of yarn to do it, but the rows are also now 400+ stitches, so it takes a good 10-15 minutes to finish just one row. I'm not sure I have the stamina to keep going past the specified 4 inches, but we shall see!


  1. My first stripe study would have run out on the 12th stripe, so I omitted it and knit the border. I'm still pretty bitter about that. As for the number so stitches, just wait till you decide you want to knit a color affection! It is GIGANTIC by the end.

  2. My stripe study shawl is a stripe short but inly because I thought I was supposed to knit 11 and not 12, and was very irritated at the end when I found out that I was wrong. I do love the way you're making the most of the yarn!