Sunday, January 20, 2013

Into the Nebula

In a lucky break, the Mister and I found ourselves child free for much of the weekend, as my in-laws offered to entertain Rainbow for a sleepover. I spent a leisurely afternoon at my LYS yesterday while the Mister was at a movie, and then yesterday evening I finally got around to plying up the singles I spun last week. As a reminder, this yarn started out as this 85% polwarth/15% silk batt from Into the Whirled in a colorway called Nebula that I bought at Maryland Sheep and Wool last year.

I knew I wanted to keep the color progression, so I tore off strips starting at the pinky orange and spun them up one at a time. Then, I chain plied the lot. You can tell I was getting a little impatient to be done by the end, because the light blue part of this skein is thicker than the orange part. Nonetheless, I'm quite in love with this yarn.

I have a total of 261 yards, and it averages out to somewhere in the sport/DK range, I think. In all honesty, I don't care that it's inconsistent. I know I can turn this into something where gauge won't matter, and I don't think anyone will notice in the face of these colors.

I was expecting the yarn to poof up a bit in the finishing, but what I didn't expect was how the silk's shine would come out. The batt was so well blended that I didn't really notice the silk content while spinning, but after this came out of its bath and dried, it positively glowed.

I haven't done a whole lot of spinning from batts, but now I'm hooked. Time to figure out how to make my drum carder work for me!


  1. Oh, the jealousy over your drum carder! And the colours are stunning!

  2. I love those colors together!!!

  3. i love spinning batts!

    but i don't love carding. i wish i had a carding fairy to do my blending for me.

  4. That yarn is spectacular. I love the way you spun it to keep the color progression. I have a batt in my stash that I haven't touched yet because I've never spun from a batt and I'm a little apprehensive. But one of these days I will screw up my courage. I hope I end up with something as nice as your yarn.