Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gimme All the Wool

That darn Polar Vortex seems to have struck again, so I am finding that I want to cover myself in every handknit object I own. Even Rainbow -- who I often refer to as "my little furnace" -- has requested that I make her a scarf. I think I've found a suitable pattern (I wanted something short to avoid any strangulation risk), and she has picked out a skein of my handspun, so I'm hoping to cast on this weekend and whip it up quickly so she can wear it while the frigid air is here.

Meanwhile, I'm working on more handknits for me. The second clue for the TTL Mystery Sock was released a day early, and I had planned to start in on it during my lunch break yesterday, but apparently it's cold enough to freeze my brain and I forgot to swap out my project bags. That meant that I didn't get to start in on them until after Rainbow was asleep last night. I've nearly gotten through the leg on the first sock and will tackle the second one tonight.

Daylight photo brought to you by my camera phone!

These are pretty darn fancy, and I'm glad I'm using some of my extra-precious handspun for them. The yarn itself feels a little delicate, as does the patterning, so these will be special socks that don't get worn every day.

I'm also still working on Rainbow's sweater, which now has a completed sleeve and the cuff of the second done. I am still loving the yarn and am now lusting after more for a sweater for me. (I'm sticking to my stash "diet," though, and am fully intending to knit the sweaters I've already bought yarn for before that happens!)


  1. ooh, i'm digging that mystery sock. your handspun looks gorgeous.

  2. Your mention of delicate handspun reminded me of when you tried spinning up special yarn for socks with some kind of reverse twist or something and made one sock with the regularly twisted yarn and one with the special twist to see if it held up better. Any update on that?

    Also - I'm in the process of writing up my first pattern, which is a funnel-neck type cowl that is close-fitting for kids. It is made specially to fit under coats without bunching and gaping. If you'd want to test knit it for Rainbow, I should have it written up in the next few days (no more than a week). Let me know! I'd love your advice on the pattern write-up, if nothing else :)

  3. That handspun is so 'you'! Your little girl is inheriting your palette!