Thursday, February 13, 2014

Closed Tubes

My TTL Mystery Socks are done! The last clue was released Tuesday night (though I didn't get to it until yesterday morning), and after knitting at lunch and a bit after dinner last night, I found myself with two finished socks.

I used a single color for mine, but if you look at most of the other projects, you'll see that there was meant to be a contrast color used for the picot cast on at the top of the leg and for stripes in the toe.

I'm mostly happy with these socks. The pattern is beautiful, but I think my yarn was a little on the thin side and the pattern would look a little more robust with a slightly heavier fingering. I also noticed a slight difference in size with mine, and I think that's largely due to the fact that I worked the socks on different needles -- one sock on a pair of Addi Sock Rockets and one on a pair of ChiaoGoo Red Lace. I did this mostly because I wanted to knit both socks at the same time (and I really didn't want to do them both on the same needle or on two circs). My preference would have been to use two needles of the same type, but that really wasn't an option. I don't think the difference is really all that noticeable, and I'm sure that as I wear the socks and stretch them out a bit it'll all even out, but it's something to take note of and avoid in the future.

These socks did make it clear to me that the Sock Rockets are now my favorite needles for socks. I'd been enjoying the CGs up until I got these, but now the cord feels so inflexible in comparison.

Speaking of tubes, I pulled out Rainbow's Little Oak cardigan shortly after posting on Tuesday night and was able to complete the body to the underarms and join the sleeves to it. I've done exactly one row of the cable chart for the yoke, but I'm hoping to get through a bit more of it tonight. I'm in the home stretch at this point, especially as the rows start to get shorter soon. I have a three-day weekend coming up (Rainbow's school has an in-service day on Monday), so I'm hoping that I can finish this sweater up before I go back to work on Tuesday.

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  1. I think the socks look beautiful. I love the way the pattern looks raised and textural.