Monday, December 21, 2015

Sweater in a Hurry

Ah, vacation. How I've missed and needed you. We arrived midday on Friday, and since then, I've been thoroughly enjoying sleeping in, getting extra time to read, and (of course) plenty of knitting time.

The main project I brought knitting for is Rainbow's Romane and Roman, and I cast on for it on Friday afternoon once we'd unpacked and gotten settled in. This sweater starts with the cabled band around the yoke, which very cleverly has short rows in it to make it curve around the body. By about the tenth repeat, I had the pattern memorized, and by Saturday morning, I had the band finished.

I picked up stitches for the rest of the yoke and promptly started knitting. By yesterday, I'd put the sleeve stitches on waste yarn and was well on my way on the body. Rainbow tried it on (and was happier than she appears in this photo).

As of this afternoon, the sweater body is finished, the buttonhole band is done, and shortly after I post this, I'll pick up for the second button band.

This will clearly need a good blocking when it's done, but it's already looking quite good to me. I've made a few modifications (mainly having to do with picking up stitches and altering the rate at which I did so), and I think this will be a roomy but comfortable sweater on her. The other button band and the collar shouldn't take very long, and I have a feeling I will breeze through the sleeves. And then I will get back to knitting for me!

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