Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I Think I Jinxed It

Remember how on Sunday I said I was hoping for a quiet evening to myself? Yeah, that didn't happen. Rainbow took a shower after dinner and asked me if I'd braid her hair after. As I was combing it back to pull it into a ponytail, I saw something moving. I think you know where this is going -- the lice are back! Clearly we didn't get rid of all of them, so we're now back to daily combing and frequent laundry. Life is never dull, I guess!

The good news is that I was fairly productive over the weekend, before things got crazy again. I bound off my shawl Friday night and was able to block it on Saturday -- and it's huge!

The wonkiness you see in the bottom edge is just from my impatience to take a photo -- it does hang nicely in a near half circle. High atop my to-do list for this week is to finish writing up the pattern and take some decent photos so I can get it to my tech editor later in the week. This pattern was meant to be done months ago, but the pandemic killed my desire to work on it. That's not to say that I'm not completely happy with it, because I am, but after having it in progress for so long, I'm ready to move on.

I rewarded myself for that finish by casting on two new projects over the weekend. First, I started a cowl with the Fibernymph Dye Works ninth anniversary colorway, and you'll notice that the yarn looks a little ramen noodle-y because this is actually my second attempt at a project with this yarn.

I'm really enjoying the bright colors in this, and after initially failing to count to two successfully, I'm on my way. Once I have enough ribbing for my taste, I'm going to throw in some slipped stitches and see how I like it.

The other project is very much in the vein of "treat yo'self" -- my Breathe and Hope shawl using Fiber Optic Yarns MCN. There is nothing that is not a pleasure about knitting this.

I've only managed to work on this for short snippets of time, but it's easy and relaxing, which is exactly what I needed. Rainbow is already threatening to steal the finished shawl (she jokingly "stole" the skeins of yarn when they first arrived), so if any of you had doubts I was raising a Knitter, I think you can now dismiss them!


  1. I do hope you can get rid of those darn lice once and for all, and get your Mother's Day wish to watch PBS in real time! The new shawl is lovely - it looks like a maze and I want to follow a path through it. The colors in that FDW yarn are cheerful and Breathe and Hope looks beautiful. Rainbow appreciates good knitting when she sees it!

  2. I saw your tweet and my heart just sank! Those darned little critters! I am sending you all the BE GONE PERMANENTLY juju I can muster!

    (but your knitting... gorgeous!!)

  3. oh UGH. well, that's about the lice. the knitting is AHHHHH :-)

  4. Your finished shawl is gorgeous! I love that you were able to finish it.

    I'm so sorry about the lice - how frustrating!! I'm hoping that they will finally be banished this time!!

  5. I can't believe they're back!?! Oh. My.
    Cowls are one of my favorite things to knit (& wear)...which works well for me since I'm always cold! And I love the instant gratification of self-striping yarn. Will be fun to see what you do after the ribbing! Congrats on your fantastic finished shawl (and thank you for my letter!!). xo

  6. First, all the knitting projects are just lovely!
    Second, the lice. Oh, Sarah. I've been there. It is NO FUN AT ALL. (Lice are so hard to get rid of -- especially with long hair. But have faith -- because it CAN be done.) Good luck to you and Rainbow.

  7. Oy - the lice. Darn it anyway. That is not fun - I know. The cowl is intriguing - such bright vibrant yarn. I have the pattern for the Breathe and Hope shawl. There are so many pretty ones popping up on Ravelry. Your yarns look lovely together.