Thursday, May 14, 2020

Three on Thursday, Book Juggling Edition

First, I have to thank all of you for your sympathy and commiseration on the lice situation. I am determined to defeat the foul "wee beasties" (as Jamie Fraser would say) this time around and am being very thorough in our daily combing. I can only conclude that I missed some nits the last time we went through this, and I don't want to make that mistake again. We've found that it's easier to comb through Rainbow's long hair when it's wet, so we're doing it after she showers now rather than before, and it seems to be going very well. I found only three lice and maybe one nit yesterday, so I'm hopeful (but not wanting to jinx anything) that I'm doing a better job. I know that lice can't cause any long-term harm or disease, but it's one thing that Rainbow shouldn't have to worry about right now -- and it's certainly something that I don't want to have to deal with right now, especially because on top of this I've had a sore/stiff neck and shoulder for the past week and would appreciate one less annoyance!

With everything that Carole is dealing with right now, I'm pretty sure she won't be doing Three on Thursday, but I thought I'd stick with the theme for today's post (and please go give her some love and support if you haven't already!).

This week I'm finding myself in an usual position of being in the middle of reading three books; when it rains, it pours, at least as far as the library is concerned! A week ago it looked like I'd be waiting a while for the next holds in my list, so I borrowed an ebook and an audiobook to enjoy while I waited -- only to have two more holds become available this week! Luckily I was able to delay a hold on the next audiobook (this seems to be a new feature of the Libby app, and I really like it), but I borrowed the ebook because I knew it wouldn't take me long to get through it. So here's what I'm reading right now:
  • Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood: I had long wanted to read this, but the last time I'd checked its availability from the library (which, admittedly, was quite a while ago), there was a long wait. When I saw it was available to borrow right away, I immediately jumped on it. I probably did it in the wrong order, but I wanted to read the book because I'd binged the Netflix version of it last year and thought it was fascinating. I'd intended to put this book in the "By an author on your previous year's favorites list" square on my bingo card, but I think now it will go in the "More than 500 pages" square (it's 546 pages but moves very quickly).
  • The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman: This audiobook, which I've been listening to while I exercise, will fill the square I originally intended for Alias Grace. One of my favorite books last year was The World That We Knew, and I also enjoyed the previous Hoffman book I read, so I knew this would be a good one. I've got about four hours left in the book (I'm listening at 1.25 time, so I can get through an hour of audio in about 45 minutes, which is usually how long I'm out when I go for a run), and I'm really enjoying it. I very well might read or listen to Practical Magic when I'm done, which will conveniently fill my "Magical realism" bingo square.
  • Dead Water by Ann Cleeves (Shetland book #5): This is the book that I got unexpectedly but knew I'd be able to read quite quickly. I started it Tuesday night just before bed and am already more than halfway through; I hope to be able to finish it today. It's a good, cozy mystery.
The knitting is continuing and the mojo seems to be sticking around, for which I am grateful. I did get the shawl pattern put together and off to my tech editor on Tuesday, so now I'm working on two WIPs. First, there's a cowl that I'm sort of designing using some bright self-striping. When you saw this last, it was just some ribbing, and it's grown somewhat since then:

I'm doing a fairly simple stitch pattern, but I think it's having a really cool effect with the self-striping yarn. It requires a bit more attention than, say, stockinette in the round but not so much that I can't knit while also reading. I don't know if it's worth writing this one up or if I'll just knit it for myself and be done with it, but the colors are making me happy right now.

In the evenings this week, I've been working on my Breathe and Hope shawl, which now has two completed sections:

This is the first time I've knit this shawl shape, and it's fun to do something a bit different for a change. Plus, there isn't anything that isn't delightful about knitting with MCN yarn. Even though my neck and shoulder were killing me last night, I couldn't stop working on this -- it was that good.

I am looking forward to a weekend that is predicted to be somewhat rainy but also warm (in the upper 70s!), so Rainbow and I are planning to plant the flowers we picked up last weekend. We've got three types of tomatoes, impatiens for the front yarn, and marigolds for the back. I also got a pot of "Italian blend" herbs -- basil, parsley, sage, chives, and I think oregano? -- that I don't have to do anything with but water, and perhaps we'll also start some seedlings with the butternut squash and cucumber seeds we discovered we still had from last year. I hope your weekend includes at least some sun and some time outside in the fresh air!


  1. We have a similar forecast and similar plans here! Elsa has been enamored with the garden this season and has requested her own bed--so hoping to crank through the schoolwork and get seeds in today, before all that good rain and then a blast of heat Sun/Mon!
    The colors in your cowl are SUCH HAPPY colors. I'm really enjoying watching that one!

  2. My fingers are crossed that those darned wee beasties have been banished! Lovely knitting as always, and Great READS! :)

  3. It takes a lot of nit-combing to get those wee beasties under control. A LOT. And for a lot longer than you expect, sadly. It may be easier to nit-comb wet hair, but it's easier to see the nits on dry hair (unfortunately). If you happen to have a black light (or access to one), you can shine it on Rainbow's hair (in the dark) and those pesky nits just shine!

    I love your knitting projects! The yarn for your cowl is so bright and happy, and the Breathe and Hope shawl is going to be just gorgeous. I love the colors you've chosen.

  4. Sending good lice-ridding wishes, that they are gone for good this time! You've got three good books, and the times seem to lend themselves to reading. I've ordered three real books that I couldn't find on Overdrive and didn't want to read in Kindle form, so I'm looking forward to receiving them. I love that cowl, and think that will make a wonderful Christmas gift pattern. If you don't end up writing it up, maybe you would share the stitch pattern? (But I'm happy to purchase the pattern, and others might be, too!)

  5. Wow - I just read Carole's blogpost (I don't know her) and I am so glad that he is alive and relatively well and it wasn'T more (I'll be over on her blog to tell her. Thank you for the link)

    I am so sorry for not having been around to comment, but when I read about The Return of the Lice, I let out a big "Yikes!". I'm glad you have the situation under control now, my fingers for Rainbow and you are crossed!
    The cowl and the shawl look so beautiful, each in his own way (I love your new shawl, too, by the way!!). Will you take a picture of your garden? We finally might pick up some plants for the balcony again, and I hope we'll be more successful than last year (which ... isn't a challenge, really. :/ )

  6. I'm thrilled that you're enjoying Alias Grace and Rules of Magic! And all of your knitting looks so lovely - I love your version of the Breathe and Hope shawl. You're making me think of using my new yarn for this shawl instead of Dream Stripes, which was my original plan. Hmm...

    I hope you have a great weekend and get rid of those lice once and for all. That is NOT something I'm looking forward to getting in my home, but I'm sure they're in our future. Boo.

  7. That cowl makes me so happy! as does all your reading. I am about to print out a second bingo card, not because I've filled up the first one, but because my summer reading plans (thanks to Modern Mrs Darcy's guide - just out out this week) blew up my TBR in the nicest way and many of those books don't fit squares. #goodproblemstohave

  8. The asymmetrical triangle shaped shawl is my favorite shape. I find them easy to wear - almost like a scarf. Knitting them is one version of potato chip knitting for me. The cowl is so much fun. Have fun in the garden.