Tuesday, May 26, 2020

One Little Word, May 2020

Somehow, we've reached the final week of May. This month has flown by, much as I've wanted it to slow down. So I'm glad that I can take this post, at least, to slow things down and join Honoré and friends to reflect on my One Little Word over the past month.

So how has savor been playing a role in my life in May? Much like last month, it's been linked to gratitude. I have been so grateful for our situation and that we're able to carry on with our jobs and our lives without too much trouble. I know there are so many people who have to worry about how they can afford food or rent or other necessities, and we are so very lucky to not have to worry about any of that. This whole pandemic has really brought it home to me how privileged I am in this respect -- I am immensely grateful that I have the physical, mental, and emotional energy to savor anything right now because I don't have to expend that energy on basic needs and how to meet them. Here are just a few things I've been savoring this past month:
  • Spending extra time with Rainbow. She has officially finished school now, but even when school was still in session, I've still had so much more extra time with her. She's occasionally joined me for a walk at the end of the day, and we've been doing more cooking together. Now that it's virtually confirmed that there will be no camp for her this summer, we're thinking up ways to keep her occupied at home, and part of that will likely involve some craft projects that we can do together (as my schedule allows).
  • My daily crochet time as part of the 100 Day Project. I love having that 15 minutes (minimum) per day when I sit down and focus on the blanket. It's almost become a meditative practice for me at this point. I've allowed myself to work on it longer than 15 minutes if I like, but often I do just that amount of time, and limiting my time has served to make it a habit and something that I fully focus on when I do pull it out. If that's not savoring, I don't know what is!
  • Spending time outside. While I've still be running, I haven't run as much as I did last month because I had a sore/stiff neck for two weeks at the beginning of the month. I have, however, been getting outside to exercise just about every day. When I couldn't comfortably run, I was still going for long walks. And though I'm usually listening to an audiobook or podcast while I'm out, I am also focused on what I am seeing. I've watched flowers bud and bloom. I've seen previously bare tree branches full of leaves. I've spotted rainbows and teddy bears in windows and painted rocks in gardens. And of course there are all the animals -- I've seen the usual squirrels and birds (who all seem to be less afraid of me lately), but I've also spotted quite a few chipmunks and rabbits. Yesterday I followed a swallowtail butterfly flitting around for a bit. And with more time, I've gotten more invested in my garden. Rainbow and I have started some seeds and are going to see what else we can grow.
  • Playing with beautiful yarn. This is something I savor all the time, but it's been especially welcome during these uncertain times. I lost my knitting mojo for a while, but it's back now, and I have beautiful yarn to thank for it. I mean, who can be bored with their knitting when they have these colors?

I have never been more thankful for a well-curated stash because it's been so inspiring to dig through the yarn and fiber in beautiful colors.

I have continued my pandemic practice of journaling each night to reflect on the day and, at a minimum, jotting down three things I've accomplished in that day and five things that have brought me joy. Some days the first list feels a bit harder to complete, but what I've found is that the second list is always a breeze. There are so many things that bring me joy now; in truth, they've been there all along, but life has a way of getting busy and crazy enough that it's easy to overlook them. Perhaps the thing I'm savoring the most right now is the new pace of life that is slower. There is no rushing from home to work to school. There is no scrambling to get lunches packed and dinner on the table. We have time to enjoy each other's company, to savor (ha!) a meal together, to ease into each morning and unwind each night. And while it's sad that it's taken a global pandemic to get us to this place, I am grateful that we're able to find some joy in it.


  1. What a beautiful post, Sarah! I'm so glad you're finding so many way to SAVOR your time at home, together with your family. My guess is that this time with Rainbow will strengthen your bond, and that you'll both look back on this time with happy memories in the future. XO

  2. Your reflective journaling practice is serving you well. There are things I forgot were so lovely until I was forced to slow down and stay home.

  3. What a sweet picture to imagine the wild animals on your route becoming so comfortable with your presence! And hearing your description of your 100-day project is soothing just to read, let alone DO. I'll be curious about the projects you & Rainbow come up with. Elsa has been doing some simple embroidery lately & enjoying it. We love the book 501 Enchanting Embroidery Designs.

  4. I'm glad that you have found so many good things in the pandemic! Time with Rainbow, playing with yarn (hooray for stash!), and plenty of exercise are all good things and recognizing and savoring them is wonderful.

  5. I am nodding my head in agreement about those wild critters feeling comfortable with you! That is just a beautiful image! :)

    And, I love how you are making lots of incredible lemonade out of these days! And that is absolutely something to savor!

  6. I love that there's no rushing, too! We've settled into a schedule that works for us and I don't have to rush anyone along. It feels nice to nurture more!

    This was a lovely post - I love how you're taking so many more opportunities to be mindful about what's around you. Here's to June!

  7. "Savor" is such a calming, beautiful word to select. I have to admit to a little bit of "word envy". My word for this year is "humility" and boy, did I pick the right word for this year!

    I am a runner too and I also have been suffering from a stiff/sore neck for the past 10 days. It makes running difficult since I have trouble turning to my left to look for cars. I have to turn my whole body, rather than swiveling my head!

  8. I've been caught up with some church stuff this week (prepping our Zoom skills to offer an online seminar starting next Sunday) and I've realized how much time I was spending on those things "before". Savoring the slower pace has been a blessing of this time. I think it's going to take some work to maintain as we "re-open".