Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Just Yoking

While I'm sure this won't last for long, because I can already feel my fingers getting itchy, at the moment I have only one knit work in progress, and that's my Torbellino (Ravelry link).

I have now reached and in fact surpassed the point where I have enough stitches to fill a 40 in. circular needle, which is why I'm not able to spread out the full yoke for a photo. I'm really enjoying this, and aside from one mistake from an apparent inability to count to 3 reliably, it's been an easy knit. It's always a joy to knit a pattern that makes you appreciate its cleverness, and it's a bonus when the designer is also a friend. I know the finished sweater is going to be really wearable.

At this point, I think I have one more increase round left in the yoke, and once the yoke is done, it's just single-color stockinette in the round. Perhaps finishing by the end of the month is a stretch, but I might as well try!

Meanwhile, the 100 Day Project is supposed to wrap up this week, but as I've accidentally missed a few days, and seeing as the blanket isn't quite done anyway, I'm going to be carrying on.

I have three more balls of Felici left to add after the current one runs out, and Rainbow is thinking that it might be big enough at that point. We're planning to stretch it rather aggressively in blocking to even out the wonkiness (made worse in the photo by my pathetic attempts to stretch it out, which clearly only made it worse). I will be happy to have this done and added to my Stash Dash total, because there's quite a bit of yarn in it!


  1. My SiL and I have had conversations about our fingers just itching to knit, and I bet yours are with only one project on the needles. You chose lovely colors for the sweater and I hope you cast on your next knitting project soon!

  2. oh Sarah, I'm officially in love with your sweater. honestly, I didn't love the pattern when you first shared it, but seeing your progress ... I'm reconsidering. ALSO are you climbing a ladder for the afghan WIP? I think the wonkiness is charming and I hope all of that doesn't block out! (I also hope you have a little more neon green to add!)

  3. That sweater looks intriguing. I agree with Mary, the wonkiness of the blanket adds to its charm. And if Rainbow likes it, nothing else matters.

  4. What a fun yoke! I can't wait to see that sweater grow. I also love the wonkiness of the blanket!!