Thursday, January 12, 2006


Probably not the best picture (hey, it's hard to hold it up while holding a camera!), but you get the idea. I'm on the last white stripe, which will be about the width of the previous two combined. There will then be a thinner stripe of the green at the bottom to finish it off. The sleeves will more or less match, though they'll be shorter than the body.

This is knitting up really quickly, and I think it's not unrealistic to say that I'll be done by the end of the weekend. I am being very good about keeping my current number of projects down to only two (one for home, one for travel/work). I am very anxious to start my first lace project (the Adamas shawl from Knit Picks), and I'm thinking of doing a sweater for myself as well. Perhaps Lucky from SnBN, which caused me to buy the books in the first place. Or perhaps Blanche Neige, about which I've been waxing poetic since I first saw the new Knitty. Maybe it's finally time for me to order that yarn and see if I can play around with needle size to get gauge. And come to think of it, I haven't been to Knit One in a while, and they might have some new stuff in. Sigh, so many projects. I guess for now I should focus on finishing this little one at least.

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  1. wow! looks like you made a good bit of progress in between those two posts, that's gonna be a cute sweater.

    two projects? now that's self-control! (that I don't have)