Monday, January 09, 2006

Ravel and Unravel

First there is good news to report. After hours of vigorous stitching -- even through the Steelers game, I'll have you know! -- I finally finished up Clappy this evening. Here she is, blocking, in all her misshapenness (yes, I just made up that word):

Pattern: Clapotis from fall '04 Knitty
Yarn: Saucy 100% mercerized cotton in Claret
Needles: US 7 aluminum straights
Mods: I skipped one repeat of the straight rows because I was afraid I was going to run out of yarn. Turns out I probably had enough, but frankly I had just had enough of this project and was anxious to finish.

I've also been working on my Jaywalkers (my travel project). I had gotten a few inches done by the end of my lunch break today when I decided to try them on. Good thing -- look at this:

The photo is a little fuzzy, but can you spot the problem? That's right, they are way too small. Couldn't get them over my heel. So I'm going to frog and cast on again in the larger size. I'm worried that the cuff might be too big, so I'm going to cast on and knit it on my US 1 circulars, then switch to the US 2 dpns for the pattern rows. I'm hoping that a few more extra stitches, plus a little bit of give when I block, will help me squeeze these over my (apparently) freakishly large heel.

Finally, since it's getting late and I'm getting ready to pass out, here's my last thought for the night (and this one is for you, J). You want to know why I never wear skirts or dresses to work? Honey, here's why:


  1. Ooo Pretty Clappy!
    Looks like that claret is a great color too!

  2. Love your clapotis! I LOVE that pattern. Let me know how you like it after blocking. I made 3 and never blocked any of them. I was afraid they wouldn't be "springy" anymore which is what I liked about the pattern. But my last one is really mishapen too.