Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who ya gonna call?

Just call me a Stashbuster. I've started to use some of that "icky acrylic" in my stash for another baby sweater (specifically this one) for my cousin, who's expecting a baby in February. I was intending to give her the first one, but just found out over winter break that she's having a boy, and I thought it looked a little too girly with the stitch pattern around the neck, sleeves, and bottom. So, I've moved on to a less decorative pattern and more "manly" colors, and here is the progress so far:

I guess this makes me a "Rogue Stashalonger," ala Jill.

I took my Clappy in to work today, since it came out more like a shawl than a scarf. It did keep me nice and warm in my little icebox of an office! I do have to say that if I knit this pattern again, it will be in a much lighter yarn (and by that I mean weight, not necessarily color). The Saucy has a nice sheen to it, but it's 100% cotton, and we all know how heavy cotton can be. I'm thinking perhaps a nice alpaca-silk blend, mmm.

I have not made too much progress on my Jaywalkers (perhaps 1/2 an inch of cuff), mainly because not only did I have to work through lunch yesterday and stay late to finish a big project, but I also manage to wind up with a migraine in the middle of the day. Lucky me. I only get them once every two or three years, and of all the bad days to get one, yesterday was it. Needless to say, when I finally got home, worsted weight was about all I could deal with. That stuff I can knit by feel, unlike fingering weight, which I've definitely got to look at to do correctly. I got a few rows done during lunch today, and it's finally starting to resemble a sock cuff. I've got a long weekend coming up, so hopefully I can make some headway and at least get to a point where I can try the darn thing on and make sure I'm not having the same size problem again.

Now, off to work on the baby sweater and watch a new episode of Lost!

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