Sunday, May 27, 2007


Had circumstances been different, this would have been a post about a completed pair of Embossed Leaves socks. Unfortunately, I've run into a little yarn problem -- specifically, not having enough of it. Here's where the yarn ran out:

This would be approximately 5.5 repeats of the lace pattern (of 7.5 total). Clearly I didn't take into account that the 100 g rule for a pair of socks might not apply to a heavy fingering weight or even sport weight yarn, as this yarn is labeled.

So, these clearly are not going to be finished today or likely any time soon. This yarn was purchased at Bloomin' Yarns, which is rather far away from my house, and so it would require a special trip there to get more (as far as I know, neither of the yarn stores near me carries Louet Gems). The way I see it, I have two options: (1) make time for a trip out to the store to buy more or (2) order some more online (which would have to wait until after we get back from vacation in order to prevent it arriving while we're away). Actually, I suppose there's also a third option: knit an entirely new pair in another yarn.

In the meantime, I've cast on for my mother's birthday socks -- in the same yarn, but obviously they will be much shorter in the leg to try and save yarn. Does anyone happen to know if a short-row heel uses less yarn than a heel flap and gusset?

Tomorrow: a big announcement. Watch this space.


  1. Couple of thoughts - call the yarn store and see if they will take an order over the phone. Your greatest chance of it being the same dyelot and you might get it the quickest.

    As far as heels, I think the flap takes more. I suppose we could calculate it (width across the flap x rows x 3) + same for the turning rows. But then you have to add in the gusset.

    This makes my head hurt!

  2. Oooh, intriguing. Now I'm definitely going to have to stalk your blog tomorrow to see what the big announcement is! Sorry about the yarn situation - hope you get it sorted.

  3. A big announcement and you're making us wait? Meanie.

  4. A big announcement and I'll be on a plane. *sigh*. Let's just hope that my mom's computer is working properly once I get to the 'burgh.

    When/where is vacation? Nebby minds want to know. ;-) a

  5. Oooo -sorry about your socks - they are SO pretty. I ran out of yarn for a sweater last year and called the store where I bought it (about 1 hour from my house) and they mailed it to me - arrived quickly - even the same dyelot.
    You could try it???

  6. Ooohhh. So sorry about running out of yarn! I did the same thing on the pair I just finished. But just 12 rows short! Ack! I was able to find some more. I hope you can too! I think calling the store is your best bet as well. You could have them throw in a skein of the yarn for yourself as well so you can have plenty for those. Good Luck!