Wednesday, May 30, 2007

There's Something About Knitters ...

(Psst! Are you looking for the contest?)

So, to get back to the subject, there's really something amazing about knitters, isn't there? You were all so sympathetic when I came up short on my future MIL's socks and had some great suggestions. Several of you suggested calling the store to see if they had a spare skein they could send me, and that's just what I did. Today during lunch I rang up Bloomin Yarns, and I believe I talked to the owner. She did indeed have a spare skein of Louet Gems in Fern Green and will be putting it in the mail to me by tomorrow at the latest. Somehow in giving her all my information she deduced that I was the person who had blogged about my trip to the store (a friend of hers had Googled the store and come across my post). She was so nice and accommodating, and I'm so happy I decided to patronize Bloomin Yarns rather than ordering from Louet directly. Once that skein of yarn arrives, it'll be short work to finish up the second Embossed Leaves sock.

Meanwhile, I've thrown myself fully into socks for my mother for her birthday. I think they may be knitting themselves. I started them Sunday and here they are as of a few minutes ago:

Pretty much the entire foot and toe of the first sock was done yesterday, and that cuff you see there? That's all today's knitting. I'm two rows away from the heel. If I knit really furiously tonight and tomorrow, I may just have them done before we leave for vacation -- which would be a good thing, because obviously I can't work on them in front of my mom. And no, these won't count for the contest!

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  1. Oh lovely!

    I would love to see how you work on 2 12" circ's? I've never seen anyone do it. I've seen longer circ's and Magic Looping, but never two short ones like that. I'm intrigued...