Thursday, November 01, 2007

Alright, Already!

You all gave me a hard time*, so I put down the baby sweater and got back to work on the CPH. And do you know what this is?

It's a nearly complete hood. I'm hoping to finish it tonight, which will leave only button bands and seaming. There's still one major decision to make: button or toggles? What do you think?

It's still supposed to be pretty chilly tomorrow (and my office is still frigid), so guess what I'm wearing for the first time?

*You know I'm only kidding, right? I actually do appreciate the kick in the pants I needed to finish this sweater. My love for it has come back to me and I'm actually even looking forward to seaming it now.


  1. Hey, I think we're going to be done at about the same time! I finished the hood this morning and I'm almost done with the first button band. I'm going button shopping tomorrow, so I'm going with buttons unless I run across some toggles at JoAnn or Michaels.

  2. I'm hoping to do a sweater inventory tomorrow. Just so I can see what I have that's in some state of almost done. I know that it's gonna be a looong list. *sigh*

  3. Can't wait to see the finished project!! I hope you find some awesome buttons. :)

  4. I vote for buttons - I have never been a big fan of those toggle things... unless you want to be super different and go for a zipper - it's a cute cute project - just don't give up on it... I have a baby sweater *almost* finished for my niece for Christmas - but haven't put the button band on (yet) - and time is ticking... tick tick... need to get it finished! :)

    Congrats on making the big push to get your sweater put together - you'll be SOOOOO happy when it's done - and with the cold coming, I'm sure it'll come in handy :)

  5. Glad you are feeling better after having your appendix out. Can't wait to see the finished CPH....I would either go toggles or ornate silver colored buttons (the ones that look like an aran sweater).

  6. You were very patient waiting 6 months to wear Forecast! I love that sweater!!
    And for CPH - make the decision when you are at the button store - take along your sweater and see what looks the just can't make the decision now.