Tuesday, January 08, 2008


There must be gnomes at work in my knitting area; that's the only possible explanation for how quickly this Baby Surprise Jacket has knit up. It's even resembling an actual sweater!

I'm guessing watching some good movies while knitting has made this move at lightening speed. I'm probably going to finish it tonight (provided this evening's feature proves conducive), so expect a finish object report tomorrow -- maybe even a twofer, if I can finish up the second Noro sock as well!


  1. Our neighbors told us about that movie (under the U.S. title), and said it was fantastic.

    *envy* I haven't mastered the art of knitting without looking. If it's a really good movie, I have to put the knitting down!

  2. Anonymous11:43 PM

    gurl!!!! I haven't even wound my yarn yet!!!!

  3. I need a better movie list. Having a house full of testosterone means that the movies mostly involve blood, gore, zombies, and car chases. Not that I don't like a good drama now and then (The Italian Job, for example) or a good car chase (Gone in 60 Seconds, The Fast & the Furious) -- I don't get to watch many "chick flick" type movies.

  4. That's funny. The Gnomes usually unknit and/or mess up my projects while I'm not looking ;-)

    Tell your gnomes to head on over to my place, please!

  5. So there *are* good knitting gnomes. It is looking so cute and definitely does resemble a sweater. I wish I had a baby to knit one for. :-(