Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Snowy Day Surprise

After a long day at work, I was anxious to get home but not at all looking forward to shoveling the driveway. Lucky me, I had a package waiting for me that made all the hard labor worth it -- my Vintage Sock Swap package!

My swap spoiler was Courtney, who put together the most wonderful package of goodies. The candle is a yummy, summery melon scent. That candy bar (crystallized ginger in dark chocolate) is going to be mine, all mine, and I'm thinking that the miniature hyacinth pot is going to do a lot to get me out of my "JanuFeb" dumps. What are a little hard to see in that plastic bag are some stunning stitch markers that will be perfect for when I cast on for my aunt's sweater this weekend; I suspect Courtney may have made them herself!

And the socks? Oh, the socks!

They are so thick and squishy -- the perfect socks for these frigid, damp days. The pattern is Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern, one I've knit several times myself and love. The mystery yarn is a darker blue than appears in this photo, with flecks of lighter shades. I adore them!

Thank you so much for everything, Courtney!

Tonight, the finishing of the third BSJ. I'm a mere three rows, two seams, and five buttons away. Expect to see a matching set tomorrow!


Jen said...

What a lovely package! Did you also hear the "JanuFeb" story on NPR yesterday? :)

Jenn said...

What an excellent package!

JanuFeb dumps: I has them. (Too many lolcats? I has that too.)

Yvonne said...

More JanuFeb dumps on this end. Let's perhaps plan an extra knitting day?? Maybe Saturday or Sunday knitting??

tothepoints said...

Great package and the socks are great! I finished some for myself in that same pattern an it just occured to me I have NO idea where they are. D'oh! (Based on a recent excavation, they're probably under the bed)