Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Since the excitement of finishing the Bird in Hand mittens (and thank you for all of your compliments, by the way!), my knitting has been decidedly boring. The most exciting thing I've knit in the past few days is the first Salish Sea Sock (my first Cat Bordhi attempt). I finished the really exciting part -- the patterning on the instep that also magically creates the arch expansion -- on Friday, so the knitting on this sock the past several days has been nothing more than working the heel flap and the pattern on the leg.

I was skeptical of the instructions, but the sock does fit remarkably well. The second sock is started, but it's just a toe at this point. Even more boring than a footless sock.

I spent the car rides to and from Cleveland this past weekend working on the Chevron Scarf, which is fun because of the colors, but, with only one row of patterning out of every four, it doesn't exactly make for a stimulating knit. (I also discovered that I have a horrible inability to count to eight, which stunted my progress several times.) It's now approximately two feel long and I appear to be about halfway through the first skeins of yarn.

The most boring knit of all is probably the sweater for my aunt or, as I like to call it, The Big Gray Tube. I love stockinette in the round because I can knit quickly without looking (meaning great TV- or movie-watching knitting), but I'm stuck in that stockinette black hole where you knit and knit and knit and it never gets any bigger.

Fortunately, I know of one thing that is decidedly not boring -- the first-Wednesday-of-the-month meeting of the Hurricane Knitters, tomorrow night starting at 7 p.m. at the Waterworks Barnes & Noble. I'll be there with one of these boring projects, and I hope to see you there!


  1. I was thinking about bring my tube to knitting tomorrow night, but now that I'm almost done it's getting unwieldy.

    The colors for the Chevron stitch go together really well, it reminds me a little bit of watermelon!

  2. I will be there with my big boring tube of knitting as well ... sleeve 2 on Chris's Cobblestone. Will bring my next Cat sock as well. So glad I can join you guys, since I'll be AWOL until 3rd March after tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Your boring tube will be perfect knitting for your knit night! I don't envy you the stockinette though ... icky.

    The scarf is looking great. I'm yet to get on that bandwagon, but after I see all the wonderful yarns at Stitches, you never know.

  4. I wish I could master the art of knitting without looking! I can go a few stitches, then I *have* to look. Much too paranoid. :P

  5. I will be tackling one of those socks for the SOCKDOWN Ravelry February since those heels are pretty unique. I'm really glad to hear one of these 'architecture' socks fit well. They look crazy, crazy in the way they are knit!

  6. That chevron is a beauty--I wish I had the mental discipline to work on mine!