Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A (Sort of) Snow Day

You may have heard that we had a bit of a snowstorm yesterday. In spite of the fact that nearly all of the local school districts closed for the day, I still had to go to work. It was not fun getting in, and I was not looking forward to the trip home. Just in case, I'd packed an overnight bag and planned to detour to my parents' house if the roads were really bad (they live only about a mile from my office). Fortunately, the head of my office had the foresight to let us leave work early, by which time traffic wasn't too bad and the roads were passable. I made it home by about 3 p.m., leaving me plenty of time to shovel the driveway, shower (shoveling proved to be quite a workout!), do two loads of laundry, and get in plenty of knitting time!

The triplets' Baby Surprise Jackets are now all washed, blocked, and ready to go. I tried to do a little embroidery on the girl's jacket, but it looked positively horrible -- garter stitch is just not conducive to this kind of embellishment. I came up with this simple solution instead:

Those are just a couple of buttons from my collection of odds and ends, sewn to the back of the neck. The jackets now all look the same (more or less) from the front, but the buttons will provide a little extra hint to anyone dressing the kids should they miss the button placement on the front.

Since finishing my Salish Sea Socks, I've been working on what may be the brightest socks ever.

These are a pair of simple Garter Rib anklets for a friend who is a new mom. I'm planning these as well as matching pair of baby socks in time for her baby shower in March. I'm extremely glad this friend has feet that are shorter than mine, because this yarn -- Dale Baby Ull -- is incredibly thin. I'm getting about 12 rows to the inch with my standard sock needles (2.5 mm Addi Turbos). It will all be worth it, however, because I know she will be thrilled to finally get her yellow socks!

Most of my knitting time last night was on the sleeve for The Big Gray Tube (tm). I'm hoping to finish it tonight; only 4 1/2 inches to go!

(Seriously, could knitting get any more boring than gray stockinette?)


  1. It could be a flat gray instead of a pretty heather gray. ;)

  2. Anonymous11:31 PM

    you found matching buttons!!!

    Do you like my $50 buttons? :(

  3. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Those are adorable. (The triplet sweaters - though I kind of like the grey stockinette me a masochist).

    My parents reported that most people in DC had a 3 hour commute and that the fed opened late. I remember being a teen and *hoping against hope* that the federal gov't would close so we could all have a snow day...:)

  4. Very creative - and cute - solution for the BSJs!

    I wish we had snow days!

  5. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Just adorable, as always! You are way too creative.

  6. Anonymous8:33 PM

    What a clever and cute idea for the baby sweater. You're so ingenious.

    I miss the snow. Dad loved "shoveling" the driveway... he had a snowblower!

  7. Love those anklets, yellow is my new fave! Thanks for the BSJ support, I appreciate it...

  8. Don't miss the shoveling at all. Nope. But snow days are nice!

    If you run out of things to do, how about socks for the triplets (evil grin) to balance the forever of stockinette sleeves....