Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Step Forward, a Step Back

I've informally set myself a goal of finishing my Shur'tugal socks by the end of this week. They feel like they've been on the needles forever (okay, well actually only since the beginning of May, but that's a long time for me to knit a pair of socks!) and I am just done with them. Since I hit the foot on the second sock, they've been going pretty quickly -- until yesterday.

I was halfway through my lunch break and starting to think that I actually might finish the sock before Friday when I looked down and realized that I'd screwed up the pattern when I started knitting for the day by starting at the wrong row on the chart. So I spent the remainder of my break tinking back to undo the damage -- meaning that I go a total of zero rounds finished for the day. Luckily I was able to figure out where I should have started in the chart at Hurricane Knitting last night and am now about a chart repeat away from starting the toe.

Now that I'm back on track, I am determined to have these finished by tomorrow night. Hold me to it!

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