Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More of the Same

I feel like my knitting has gotten very boring lately, mostly because it's not moving very quickly. I've been spending a decent amount of my crafting time spinning in an effort to get all the SPAKAL singles done, and the knitting I have done has been slow moving. I'm still working on my Breezy Cardigan and am half an inch away from the last set of increases.

After those increases, I work even until I hit 12.5" from the underarm. Then I get to start the bottom ribbing (which I'm sure will be even more tedious and slow moving than the stockinette body). The good news is that I tried it on last night and it fits, so at least all this knitting isn't for nothing. Ideally I'd like to get this done by early autumn so I can wear it as a layering piece before it gets really cold, but we'll see if that actually happens. There are a number of other things I need to get done in the same time frame, including a baby blanket that's a gift, and this project inevitably will get put on the back burner.

Overall, this has been an enjoyable knit (insofar as it requires minimal attention and, of course, it's handspun, which is always a joy), but I'm getting the urge to knit more sweaters for me. I really want to knit a Vitamin D next, but I'm trying to use it as the proverbial carrot dangling in front of my nose to motivate me to finish the Breezy. Then there's the sweater kit that I won from my LYS, which I think I may use to knit a Rocky Coast Cardigan. That's knit on fairly large needles and is another top-down raglan, so I know it'd go quickly. Rainbow's probably also going to need some new sweaters for the fall because she's clearly gone/going through another growth spurt (she put on what used to be a dress today and it's now just a long shirt on her!).

Times like this, I really wish I could take a couple of weeks off from work just so I could knit all day!


  1. You need a knitting retreat!

  2. I'll join you figuratively on the day off work idea. Knitting all day in a nice cozy house (I'm in Australia and it's the tail end of winter) sounds sop much better than swearing at tedious computer manipulation which is what I am doing at work.

  3. Yes, two weeks at home to knit would be wonderful! But only if you kept Rainbow on her normal daycare schedule, which you know you wouldn't be able to do when you saw those adorable cheeks each morning. And then you'd be in my shoes...home all the time, but no knitting time because kids find a way to interrupt. Honestly, as soon as I pick up knitting needles, they are all up in my face. Lucky thing they are so cute...and DD goes back to school on the 10th!