Thursday, June 13, 2013


I have a confession to make. I haven't been working on my handspun sweater even though I said I would. The call of spinning has been too strong, and I've spent the past several evenings at my wheel. I did finish spinning all the singles for my Fiber Optic gradient last night, but those have to rest a couple of days before I start chain plying, so tonight I will focus on the sweater -- I will!

When I left it last, I'd done a little more on the second sleeve, which is moving right along. This really isn't hard knitting; it doesn't require much thinking, other than remembering to decrease every 11 rounds. I'm just not feeling any strong desire to finish it (which is ironic, given that I could really use a lightweight sweater at the office to combat the often enthusiastic air conditioning).

Meanwhile, I have been working on the socks, which are now through the heel and into the gusset. There's a possibility, though, that I'll have to frog.

When I started these, I looked at the total stitch count (64) and figured that I'd be fine, as that's usually my number for socks. What I neglected to take into account, however, is that all the twisted stitches in the stitch pattern were going to pull in -- a lot. I did try on the cuff before I started the heel flap and had a lot of trouble getting it over my heel. Once I did, the cuff wasn't uncomfortable on, so I decide to carry on and see if they were still workable with a little of the foot done. If not, I'll probably have to frog and start over. It may be as simple as using slightly bigger needles (perhaps my old standbys, my 2.5 mm Addi Turbos), but this yarn may also be a little on the thin side. I'm a bit annoyed because I really like how it's knitting up, but we'll see what happens. I have other socks that are a royal pain to get on because they're tight, but once they're on, they're fine. That might be the case with these.

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  1. I just frogged a pair of vanilla socks for the third time, because I can't seem to get the size right :(
    And that's plain vanilla!! I would be kind of sad if I had to frog a pair of patterned socks. I really love the way they look, so I'm hoping you don't have to frog them :)