Thursday, September 12, 2013


I'm in the home stretch on the baby sweater, and with any luck, I'll finish all the knitting tonight (blocking and buttons probably won't come until the weekend). I decided to do the button band and collar before starting the sleeves, and I did them without breaking the yarn after completing the previous step. In other words, after binding off the bottom of the sweater, I left the last stitch live, rotated the work 90 degrees to the right, and proceeded to pick up for the button band. When it was done, I did the same thing for the collar. In my opinion, it really didn't make sense to add more ends to weave in on such a small garment, and it also kept things moving. In about an hour and a half of knitting time last night, I was able to get all of that done plus all of the first sleeve to the cuff.

I did add a few more stitches than specified to the collar, and I also changed the order of the stitches a bit so that I would start and end both the button band and the collar with knits rather than purls, as I think it creates a cleaner edge.

I'm still on my first skein of yarn for this sweater, and I suppose it's possible that I will get the entire sweater out of that one skein (which would be a very pleasant surprise). If that does happen, I may even knit a third one for another baby gift, because I'll certainly have the yarn for it. I'm also contemplating knitting a much larger one for Rainbow, after which I suppose I will be thoroughly bored with the pattern (not to mention likely have it memorized).

I've been devoting all my knitting time -- which, let's face it, has not been much -- this week to the baby sweater, but I'm hoping to turn my attention back to my own sweater this weekend. Saturday is Yom Kippur, and I'll be fasting, which means I can't really do much but sit around and knit. After the week I've had, a quiet day is likely to be very welcome, even if I'll be hungry and headache-y all day.

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Stripeyspots said...

Adorable! And I'm still in love with that shade of green. It's just so fresh and alive.