Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It must be this cold weather that's doing it to me, but I can't seem to stay focused on any one project lately, and as a result, nothing seems to be moving. I mentioned the other day that I'd started a scarf for Rainbow, but it's been pretty much untouched since then (though I really should get a move on so it will actually be useful for her).

The past two nights, I've worked on Rainbow's sweater, which now has a couple of sleeves and the beginnings of the body (not pictured, because it's just a few rows of ribbing at the moment).

I've also been putting in a row here and a row there on that blue shawl I've been knitting, which has finally gotten to the point where I can add in the second color. But that's been my lunchtime knitting and will probably get put on hold once I get the next clue for the mystery socks.

As if all these WIPs weren't enough, I'm getting a really strong urge to cast on for a new hat for me, mostly because the Koolhaas I've been wearing doesn't seem to actually want to stay on my head anymore. I'd really like to knit myself a Wurm using a skein of my handspun.

Oh, and spinning! Now I want to spin all the time! If only I could stay home and be surrounded by yarn and fiber all day -- I could get a lot more done! Perhaps when I retire I'll be able to do it, but that's a long way off.


Stripeyspots said...

Ditto. What else is there to say?

Mzjen said...

I'm retired and don't get nearly enough done on the spinning and knitting front! Life intervenes..

lilirious said...

I'm the same :P I have so many wips lying around :( I'm always surprised when something like a single sock is unfinished for longer than a week or so. I always expect the knitting progress to be at the same speed, whether I'm knitting or not... :P