Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's Really Happening

Tonight's the night: I am going to finish my Color Affection. I feel like it's been on the needles for a really long time, but in actuality, it's been less than a month. Still, it will feel great to finally bind off. I'm in the middle of a wrong side row at the moment, and the rest of that row plus the next right side row should get me to the two inches of border I'm supposed to have before binding off.

I'm pretty sure that once this shawl is fully finished and blocked, it's going to be put right into service. The Mister tends to run warm, which means that we keep the thermostat in the house a bit lower than I'd like, so as a result I'm always covering up with blankets or extra layers. This shawl will be great to throw around my shoulders on a chilly evening.

My striped socks are moving along, slowly but surely. I'm just about to the toe on the first one.

They're taking longer than I'm accustomed to for plain stockinette socks, but that's perfectly understandable given that I'm working on smaller needles with a higher stitch count than usual. I'm hoping that the smaller gauge pays off in the end. I much prefer wearing the merino and merino blend socks for wearing, but they just aren't as durable as the socks that were knit with coarser wools blended with nylon. The socks I wore today, for instance, are of the latter type and look like new -- but I just don't like them all that much!

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