Thursday, January 08, 2015

Short Rows

After not having touched it since about New Year's Day, I picked up my Color Affection at knit night last night, just in time to start the short rows. Frankly, I think it's a bit of a mistake to refer to this section with anything using the word "short" -- in two hours, I only made it through about two and a half repeats (out of eight total in the section), and these are the shortest of the short rows. This section has three colors, so it's a bit of knitting gymnastics  to keep the colors in the correct order without getting all the strands tangled. By the end of the evening, I had managed to develop a system, but of course that probably got completely messed up as soon as I threw my knitting into my bag. I'll have to deal with more tangles tonight, I'm sure.

I will say that I do like how the three colors are looking together, and I'm excited to have a giant shawl to wrap around my neck a couple of times. With the weather being as cold as it's been the last couple of days, I've seriously contemplated taking a blanket to work with me so I can wrap up for my walk home.

I wore my new socks yesterday, and they did a good job of keeping my feet nice and toasty. I also started the new pair, and they've become my lunchtime knitting (which means that it will probably take me at least a month to get them done, as I'm only managing about an inch per lunch hour).

Looking ahead to the weekend, I'm thinking of casting on a new hat for me. I've been wearing the Koolhaas I knit more than five years ago, and it's starting to show its age. It desperately needs a good washing (if you look on the inside of the brim, you can see makeup all over it). I don't want to risk washing it one night and having it still be damp the next morning, so I think I'll wait to wash until I have a backup. I want something soft and slouchy that I can pull way down over my ears. One of the pattern samples I just made would be perfect, but I like to keep my samples nice and clean, so I may have to knit another one. I'm fairly certain I have a ball of Malabrigo Worsted somewhere in my stash, so there may be some digging tonight.

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  1. The turquoise against the chocolatey brown is delicious!