Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Wool Season

It's cold -- you probably knew that already. Here it's been cold enough that we've even broken some records. When it gets like this, I feel an even stronger urge than usual to knit as fast I can, which is slightly illogical given that some of the things I've been knitting will not do much to keep me warm.

I did finish up this little headband/ear warmer thing the other evening. I had started it on a whim the night before we left for Florida in December, when all my other projects were already packed. It languished in one of my bags for a while until I pulled it out to be my lunchtime knitting for this week. It's knit in Quince and Co. Chickadee, which I have to say is pretty delightful.

This weekend it will get blocked and have some buttons sewn on, and then it will officially be done. Rainbow has already requested one for herself, so there may be another one on the needles in the near future.

When that project was finished, I needed something else to knit on at lunch, so I pulled out some tosh merino light that I recently ordered and started a new pattern sample.

There's something so encouraging about this very springy green. I'll be happier when I see it showing up outside, but for now the brightness of it cheers me up, especially when it's dark and dreary outside.

If you want to talk about bright colors, though, then let's talk about what's been my main project at home. This is a new shawl design (well, "new" only in the sense that I only recently started knitting the sample; it's been planned for many months), and the yarn is both delightfully soft and amazingly bright. It took me three attempts to get the color right in the photo.

I reached the halfway point on this last night, so if I can put in some serious time on it this weekend, I might get it wrapped up sometime next week. I think at that point I might allow myself to cast on a sweater (if only to guarantee that the weather will finally take a turn for the warmer), so there may be some swatching this weekend as well. It is, thankfully, supposed to go above freezing this weekend, but they're also calling for freezing rain and snow, so I'm planning on getting my errands done early and then camping out with tea and my knitting for the duration.

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