Sunday, February 22, 2015


Spinning this week has been about the second half of things. For one thing, I spun up the second half of my merino -- in fact, I did it all yesterday afternoon while hibernating in the snow storm.

I will ply this sometime this week.

The other thing I've been working on for the past week or so for a few minutes here and there has been the second set of punis I bought from Gourmet Stash at MDSW last year. This year's festival is only a little more than two months away, and I feel like I should use up what I bought last year before I even think about buying anything this year. As with the first batch, I split the punis in half and am spinning each batch into half of a two ply on one of my Bosworths.

This batch is a yummy blend of superfine merino, merino, seacell, cashmere, silk, milk fiber, and angelina. Each puni takes me maybe 10-15 minutes to spin, so it's easy to squeeze one in here and there. I think it's also good practice to spin on a spindle (something I typically end up doing mainly during the Tour de Fleece) -- I always forget how much fun it is!

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