Sunday, February 01, 2015

Sheepy Rope

If you've followed my spinning at all, then you know I like to spin thin yarns. My default yarn is a three-ply fingering weight. So then you'll understand why the most recent skein off my wheel is such a big accomplishment -- I spun bulky yarn!

This was 8 oz. of Manx Loaghtan from Louet, and I used all but the last little bit of it in plying to end up with approximately 206 yards. The fiber was a pleasure to spin, beautifully prepped and with only a small amount of VM and hardly any nepps. I spun it into a traditional three ply.

If I'm being honest, I was aiming for a bit thinner (worsted, to be exact), but I'm still pretty happy with how this skein turned out. Only once before have I spun anything bulky; spinning yarn this thick is not something that comes easily to me. I'm so used to spinning thin yarns, in fact, that I kind of feel like I spun rope!

I got a bit of a surprise (not entirely unpleasant) when I washed the finished yarn to set the twist. I guess I'm used to spinning dyed fiber, as I did not expect such a strong sheepy smell when the yarn hit the water. I know the fiber was clean because the water was clear, but the skein still smells a bit like a sheep farm. It's a good thing I like that smell!

Now on the wheel is some superwash merino from All Spun Up for a spinalong in the ASU Ravelry group:

The braid was 6.3 oz., so I'm trying to spin up a worsted weight with the hopes that I'll have enough for a hat and some mittens for Rainbow. The first bobbin is in progress:

After what just happened, I'm spinning my singles just a touch finer. This fiber is reminding me how much I love spinning superwash merino. I know some people hate it and find it lifeless and slippery, but I adore it. I find it drafts so effortlessly. And of course I'm completely enamored with the dye job and how the colors are blending. I predict a finished skein soon!

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  1. sometimes i feel like i'm the only person who likes SW merino, so it's good to find someone else who does. occasionally it feels like the whole spinning world is enamored with BFL, which although ok, is not one of my favorites.