Sunday, December 13, 2015

Future Splendour

Although I was really hoping to get one more skein of handspun done this year, I'm coming to accept that it likely isn't going to happen. I still haven't finished the singles.

Southern Cross Fibre Corriedale in Splendour

I managed to get two or three hours of spinning time in this afternoon and put another couple of layers on the bobbin, but I still have at least a quarter of the fiber left to spin and that would take probably another two hours. I may get the singles done, but I'd say it's highly unlikely that I'll find the time to ply before we leave for vacation Friday morning. At least this will be something to look forward to when we come home!

There is still plenty of fiber waiting to be spun, as well. My November shipment from the Southern Cross Fibre club arrived last week (or maybe the week before? I can't remember). This shipment was my first proper "pillow" from David, as I'd bought a few extras along with the regular shipment. I finally found time (and daylight) to take some photos today. So here are the pretties:

First, this is the other colorway from October's shipment, Autumn, on Corriedale.

The first of November's colorways, November Flowers, on Comeback wool (a new-to-me breed/type).

The other November colorway, October showers.

A November coordinate, Westringia.

And another November coordinate, Hibiscus.

It will be a little less depressing to come back from warm and sunny Florida to a probably gray and cold Pittsburgh with these gorgeous colors waiting for me. I predict a weekend day in a warm sweater, with a cup of tea at hand, behind my wheel and at least one of these colorways!

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