Friday, December 25, 2015

It Didn't Feel Like Christmas

Hard to believe it, but we've been on vacation for a week. That means we're halfway done. It's definitely been relaxing. I have slept in every day, gone for a couple of runs (and gotten a swift reminder that I am very out of shape), been reading for pleasure, and (of course) been doing a lot of knitting. Yesterday I sat down with Rainbow while she watched some TV and knit a washcloth:

I brought a skein of dishcloth cotton with me, so I decided to use it to change things up a bit. This is my Clean Up, Eat Up pattern, slightly modified to make it smaller (I'm going to attempt to get two cloths out of the one ball of yarn).

Today didn't feel like Christmas -- it was 80+ degrees and very humid at breakfast time. But we kept up the tradition of Jewish Christmas: We went to the movies and then had Chinese food for dinner. I did take my socks with me to the movie and got about three and a half inches of foot done.

I have just an inch more to knit and then it will be time to start the toe. And soon I'll have another pair of handspun socks to add to my sock drawers.

If you were celebrating Christmas today, I hope you had a wonderful day -- and I hope Santa brought you the fibery things you were wishing for!

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