Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Knitting of the Selfish Variety

After all the gift knitting I've been doing in the past few weeks, it has been nice to get back to knitting for myself again. My handspun superwash Targhee socks have returned to work to be my lunchtime knitting this week, and as a result I've finished one sock and gotten a good start on the second.

I've also gotten a start on a new pattern sample, and my second attempt at it is going well. I'd originally cast on for it in a gradient I bought from Miss Babs at MDSW last year, but there really wasn't enough contrast between the colors for what I wanted to do. So then a very helpful enabler employee at my LYS convinced me to buy two Wonderland Yarns gradient sets in sport weight, and they are working out much better. Here's a peek:

Trust me when I tell you that this looks much better in natural light, a resource that is still elusive in my current schedule. Fortunately, in another couple of days, I'll be on vacation and able to take daylight photos again!

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