Sunday, June 05, 2016


Now that I have two WooLee Winders, one of which is on an electric wheel, I think I've started underestimating how much time it will take me to spin or ply a set amount of fiber or singles. I keep assuming everything will be fast -- and usually when that's actually the case, it's because I have very little yardage.

I definitely underestimated today, when I figured I'd be able to ply two bobbins of singles together in just an hour or two. I'd finished spinning the second bobbin on Friday afternoon, while home for the day with Rainbow following her kindergarten graduation. It ended up taking most of the day, and I didn't get the finished yarn skeined up and in to soak until just before dinner. Here's what it looked like still on the bobbin:

This is FatCatKnits Falkland in two colorways inspired by giant clams. I ended up taking the easy way out by spinning each colorway on its own and then plying then together (that rather solid blue you see in the photo is what remained on the second bobbin when the first ran out, plied to itself so as to have no singles leftover). The skein is currently hanging to dry, so I'll see what I ended up with tomorrow.

On Friday night, my usual designated spinning time, I was letting the second bobbin of Falkland singles rest, so I started a new project. This is organic merino from Southern Cross Fibre:

It's a little hard to capture the depth of the color in these singles; they almost look a bit like they're glowing. I'm spinning up this batch of fiber, which arrived just last month:

The colorway is called Resistance Is Futile, and this fiber was true to its name -- I couldn't resist it, despite having plenty of fiber in the to-be-spun queue. I'm spinning this merino into fine singles after splitting the top vertically, and I'll chain ply once all the fiber is spun. Here's hoping it doesn't take four times as long to spin as I think it will!

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