Thursday, July 13, 2017


I know I have gushed over this shawl pattern before, namely how well the real-life version resembled the one in my head, but I have to share more pictures with you today. Rainbow and I did a little photo shoot when we got home yesterday evening, as the second sample was blocked and dry and for once there was sunshine outside, giving me great light. She was a great assistant, holding things just so and even taking a few photos herself. I think we ended up with some great shots; here are two of them:

The pattern is now with my tech editor, and I've asked her to look at it as soon as she can because I've gotten a lot of interest in the pattern and am anxious to publish.

Until I leave for SSK next Wednesday, my knitting will be fairly low key. I still have the socks on the needles, and I'm working to churn out a few more preemie hats to take with me. I might do a littles watching for a sweater this weekend if I decide to take the project with me to Nashville, but for the most part, I'm planning to spend the remainder of my time before I leave working on spinning projects.

This is where I left off on my FatCatKnits Rambouillet last night. The remaining fiber supply is getting smaller and smaller, but I still think I have probably two more nights' worth of spinning to finish all the singles. I'm hoping to have it plied up sometime this weekend and get a skein of Southern Cross Charollais finished before I leave, as the wheels will be staying at home (I'm planning to bring a spindle project or two with me).

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  1. Wow that shawl pattern is just amazing! I love that you showed it in two different color combos.