Tuesday, November 14, 2017


When I started the week yesterday, I looked at the calendar and marveled at the fact that we are nearly halfway done with November and Thanksgiving is already next week. Where on earth is this year going? I feel like I still haven't fully gotten a grip on 2017 (though I suspect that's because it's been a very weird year in general) and there isn't much left of it. Perhaps that's why I'm feeling so scattered about my current WIPs and not feeling a strong urge to focus on any particular one.

There's my Wonder Woman Wrap, which I did give some attention to this past weekend, and as a result I'm now on the last pink stripe. It's hard to see what's going on here with the work all bunched up on the needle (hence the lack of photo here), but I think it will look great once it's done and blocked out. I'm happy with how the two colors are playing together, but I will say that I am not at all looking forward to weaving in all those ends.

I've also been working on my giant crochet bag, and I'm nearly finished with the third color, some leftover Cascade 220 from a sweater I knit Rainbow a couple years ago.

Sarah left a very helpful comment the last time I posted about this project that the Jo-Ann Sensations Tesoro I'd been planning to use might be superwash. Though the label says to hand wash, which would imply that it is not superwash, I'll be testing a bit of it to see if it will felt before I use it in this project. I have plenty of feltable scraps that can be used in this bag, so I won't stress if this one ball doesn't make it in. If it is, in fact, superwash, it would be great to use for a charity project!

The only project I'm working on that has been seeing real, measurable progress has been my socks, which will soon be done -- I'm cruising down the foot of the second sock. Should be able to finish that one up tonight!

While I've been less than enthusiastic about my projects, I have been pretty happy about some additions to the stash. I didn't get much of an opportunity to shop at Indie Knit and Spin on Saturday because I couldn't really leave Rainbow to man the booth on her own for more than the time it took for me to run to the bathroom, but there were some other amazing vendors in the room I was in, and I did bring a couple of things home with me.

The macaron bag (with an adorable matching mini pouch) is from SteelCityStitcher, and I actually spotted it while we were setting up and bought it before the show officially opened. I didn't really need another project bag, but it was too cute to resist. The yarn is a skein of Vesper Sock from Knitterly Things in a colorway called Poetry in Motion. Julia was set up next to me at the show, and I was staring at her beautiful colors all day. I've never actually knit with Vesper Sock before, though I remember when it was a big thing in the early days of self-striping sock, so I decided to treat myself.

The best part of the show, though, was probably getting to meet Kat in person. We've been friends online for a while but, despite the fact that we live relatively close to one another, we hadn't before managed to meet in real life. She is just as lovely in person as she is on her blog, and we're hoping to schedule a day to spin together soon.


  1. LOVE that macaroon bag! Your socks are great too, but colorful cookies will always win out. :)

  2. Love that macaroon bag, wow! AND, that sock yarn!