Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The End is in Sight

This is not the greatest picture, but here you have Blanche-Neige nearing knitting completion. That's right -- all I have to do is do the bind-off row on the second front border section, and the knitting is DONE. My "relief" yarn from Caren in NH arrived on Saturday and I promptly started the second border on Sunday evening. Once I bind off, all that is left to do is weave in the ends from the border rows and finish sewing this sucker together. I'm hoping to finish it up tonight, in part so I can show it off at SnB at the Waterworks Barnes & Noble tomorrow night (7ish, hope to see all you lurkers there!). It appears that I may have jinxed myself in wishing for one more semi-cold day so I could wear the finished object; all the weather reports are saying no higher than the mid-40s through the next week and a half. Grrr. At least I will be able to wear Blanche, as I'd hoped, and I'll get some more wear out of Odessa (and maybe even have the time to knit the other two for the cousins in Chicago, where it's gotta still be chilly).

Since Blanche is obviously too big to shlep back and forth to work for my lunchtime knitting, I've been stitching away on J's socks. I am almost done with the first one (I'm in that "miles of stockinette" portion right now). This is far and away the plainest sock in the book (Knitting Vintage Socks), and although it's a good fast knit, I am just craving a pattern. The "Gentleman's Fancy Sock" will be next, and as soon as I get around to knitting the mate for my second pair of Jaywalkers, I'll cast on a pair from the book for myself.

Now it's off to finish Blanche! See you all tomorrow at SnB.

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  1. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Hi from Austria! Wow, your Blanche is looking so great already, you've done an amazing job with it! Good luck with the finishing, I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the finished Blanche!
    Oh, and have a lot of fun at the SnB!